If you are looking for a gift for your husband, you might have problem to find something original. I guess that everyone is bored by getting ties and watches. And anyway, they say that the best gift is an experience! I totally agree with the statement that an experience is a great present, so I would like to recommend you one of the possibilities. I´m talking about a shooting experience. Every man likes guns and they love to play with them. So, this is can be the perfect present you are looking for.

man with a gun

I can recommend you a great indoor shooting range https://outbackprague.com/ in Prague. The provide shooting experience in this city since 2013. They really care about their customers and can create a great enjoyment. It is not just for men, of course. But most of the people who go there are men and they really enjoy it. Outback´s mission is to take the perfect care about their customers. The indoor shooting range is open the whole year and you don´t have to care about the weather. They also offer transport from your hotel and back, so you don´t have to worry about traveling. They offer different cheap and interesting package deals. You can choose guns, equipment, targets and protective wear. Of course, there will be a professional and well-experienced instructor with you.


You don´t have to worry about anything. Even if you husband has never tried it before, he will be in good hands. The whole shooting is safe and the professionals will be there the whole time. They will explain him everything and help him with anything he needs. You can buy him a beginner package. But if he knows how to shoot you can book a package for experienced shooters for him. They have many options what to try. Your husband can also try there special shooting challenges. Check this website Outback Prague and find out more information and you can book a shooting package right now.